“ L e n
d e r ”

When to Use Lndr?

“Have fun with friends and family —
we’ll keep the running tab.”

Secured Forever

How it Works

You send a debt to a friend, they confirm, and the amount is stored securely on a blockchain platform.

We run on Ethereum, and you benefit from stability, encryption, and permanent recording and tracking.

Why Lndr?

Multicurrency Support

Pay your friends and family with your favorite coin or token -
including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin

Coming Soon

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About Blockmason

Blockmason is a foundry of blockchain-driven technologies, with credit protocol as its first market entry. Founded by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs with global background and multi-lingual, multi-cultural engagement, Blockmason foresees a growing reputation as an agile and serious market leader in credit, health, and social applications of blockchain.